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This is a list of the genres we have for hundreds of lesbian and bisexual singers, their albums and their songs. I guess I am supposed to include some disclaimer saying that just because someone is listed here doesn't mean she's queer, or queer any more anyway. We've tried to be accurate, but as with all music, cataloguing it can be tricky. And we aren't going to subdivide by zero just so you can find that one trip hop lesbian artist. We'd have a thousand genres for a hundred performers if we did that. Go ahead and click any link to browse music in that genre. Wherever possible, we have included links to Amazon stores (US, Canada and UK). If you purchase through our links, you pay nothing extra, but we get a small portion of the proceeds. If you aren't sure where to start, check out our free online radio station (we don't play all the music we list here, but I think you'll like the tunes anyway -- no death metal, sorry) and you can always subscribe to our monthly newsletter, where we mention a couple of good tunes.

If you are a lesbian singer and have a song or album you would like included, please feel free to contact us. We accept CDs and digital copies for play on the radio station.