Caged Hearts (1995)
Genre Women in Prison
Movie Release Date 1995
Country USA
Language English
Running Time 94 mins
Color Color
Carrie Genzel Kate
Tane McClure Sharon
Nick Wilder Steve
Dink O'Neal George Delvin
Brent Keast Judge Winters
Taylor Leigh Warden Loren McBride
Lenny Rose Captain Rey
Doug Traer Lieutenant Hill
Stephanie Ann Smith Guard Lynn
Bo Hairston Guard Murdock
Director Henri Charr
Writer Henri Charr
Writer Jess Mancilla
Producer Jess Mancilla
Musician Larry Wolff
Cinematography Helge Gerull
Unabashed exploitative, this women-in-prison pot-boiler gloriously wallows in the genre's ruling principles: casting couch beauties locked in a hellish prison ruled by a sadistic warden and filled with gratuitous shower scenes, knockdown catfights, cheesy depictions of lesbianism and a riotous breakout. Framed by a corrupt system, big-haired Kate and Sharon must endure all the horrors of prison (no hairdryers!), while the audience must endure the terrible dialogue: "We're innocent, we didn't do it!"
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