Women in Fury (1985)
Genre Women in Prison
Studio Shriek Show
Movie Release Date 1985
Country Italy
Language English
Running Time 90 mins
Color Color
IMDb Rating 5.2
Suzane Carvalho Angela Duvall
Rossana Ghessa
Gloria Cristal
Henri Pagnoncelli Dr. Cuña
Leonardo José Captain Bonifacio
Zeni Pereira
Marli Mendes
Silvia Carvalho
Adele Malheiros
Nedira Campos
Director Michele Massimo Tarantini
Writer Michele Massimo Tarantini
Producer John Sirabella
Producer Chris Rodrigues
Women in prison, really. Covering for her brother, who killed a Brazilian drug lord, Angela Duvall is sent to a women's prison. Trapped behind bars, Angela's beauty excites the passions in her fellow prisoners and the guards alike. Unfortunately, she also catches the eyes of a group of inmates who work for the man her brother murdered. In order to live long enough for her brother's confession to arrive, she must escape with her fellow prisoners into the dark Brazilian jungle! Also called Femmine in fuga, and Women's Penitentiary 5
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