Four Minutes (2005)
Genre Drama; Documentary; Women in Prison
Studio Buena Vista
Movie Release Date 2005
Country Germany
Language German with English subtitles
Running Time 91 mins
Format Files
Color Color
Ryan Holliman Older Runner
Shaun Austin-Olsen Bellamy
Frank Blanch Mr. Smyth
Drew Carnwath Chris Brasher
Philip Craig Mr. Bannister
Darcy Dale Dunlop
Audrey Gardiner Annabelle Davenport
Graham Harley Parsons
Kate Hewlett Helen
Robert Laughton Wheelock
Director Charles Beeson
Director Chris Kraus
Writer Frank Deford
Producer Lynn Raynor
Germany's Mannheim Women's Prison holds devious, violent female offenders that take every chance they get to pounce on a weak link. What this prison also possesses is a frail yet stern lesbian piano teacher, Traude Krüger, who has been the backbone of this institution for 60 years. When an explosive new pupil, Jenny, enters Frau Krüger's piano room, the classical music-steeped atmosphere is metaphorically and physically turned upside down. What starts out as a classic confrontation of wills quickly turns into a mesmerizing and engrossing tale of unorthodox love. As the story unfolds, the piano teacher is quickly enamored with her new student's talents and signs her up for a renowned piano competition -- but only if the manic inmate follows her rules. She must be respectful, not lash out and not play her wicked modern music. It is engagingly revealed that Jenny was a child prodigy whose talents were abruptly halted when she committed a murder. Traude, for her part, still deeply yearns for her lost lover who was killed by the Nazis. These two women are locked within their own tragedies, but each draws from them to find the courage to trust one another and allow their intense connection to grow. When Jenny's tortured soul fights tradition, Traude and her own demons, this prodigy morphs Schumann into her own style for one hell of a climatic ending! (German with English subtitles)

-- Kelly Burkhardt
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