Lesbian FunWorld Lesbian Movies - Short Films
  Title Movie Release Year Director Actor My Rating  
Listen 2004 Susan Justin Details
Little Black Boot 2004 Colette Burson Carmen Plumb; Dania Ramirez; Jane Lynch Details
A Little Fierce 1999 Nikki Harmon Details
Little Indians Gail Maurice Details
Little Women In Transit 1994 Barbara Heller 6 Details
Madonna, Madonna 2005 KimBer Muldoon Details
A Matter of Honour and Trust 1986 Sue Molyneaux 6 Details
Matzo Maidens Monica Nolan; Julie Dorf; Jenni Olson Details
Members Only 2007 Carolina Roca-Smith Katherine Clark-Gray; Elaine DiFlavis; Kimberly S. Fairbanks 4 Details
Mom, I Think I'm... 1995 Anna Malkin Details
The Nearly Unadventurous Life of Zoe Cadwaulder 2004 Buboo Kakati Melanie Lynskey; Kelli Simpkins Details
Nesting Season Paula Durette Details
No, Not Now 2000 Olivier Lécot Details
No, You Cyant Touch It! 2009 T.J. Bryan; Kunle Details
Outside 2004 Jenn Kao Courtney Ford; Keaton Talmadge; Juliet Details
Paradise Lost Inge Blackman Details
A Phone Comes to Jammu 1998 Nila Gupta Details
A Place In Her Own Direction 2000 Kevin D'Souza Details
Playing the Part 1994 Mitch McCabe Mitch McCabe 10 Details
Promtroversy 2005 Leanna Creel Heather Habecker; Brianne Davis; Jane Lynch; America Young Details
Proud Alumni Sheila E. Schroeder Details
Queer Boys and Girls on the Shinkansen 2004 Details
Queer Grit Roewan Crowe Details
Queer Things I Hate About You 1995 Nickolaos Stagias Details
Quejíos 2004 Kerry Weldon Details
Reaching Out to Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Youth 1997 Sylvie Rokab Details
Reflections, A Moment In Time 1987 Janet Liss Xavier; Dawn Margaret Details
A Religious Experience 1997 Unknown Details
Remembering Wei Yi-fang, Remembering Myself 1996 Yvonne Welbon Details
Remote Ethan Tobman Details
Repodyke Tucker C. Doherty Details
Restored Jess Dobkin Details
Rev High, Never Idle 2002 Elizabeth McCarthy Details
A Ride Out 1986 IP Montoya Details
Risk Melanie LaRosa Details
Saint Henry 2004 Abigail Severance Ashleigh Ann Wood; Max Van Ville; Caroleen Feeney Details
The Science of Love 2005 Joyce Draganosky Anna Antonia Li; Alexandra Neil; Sally Wheeler Details
Sex, Dykes, and Rock n Roll Details
She Gets It Hart, Sara; Gina Dabrowski; Carol Ashley Details
Sherlock, Louise and Mina 1996 Emma Brown Details
She's a Female, Isn't She? (E' femmina, no?) 2006 Silvia Novelli Details
Shugar Shank Meredyth Wilson Details
Solo Martha Newbigging Details
A South Bronx Tale 2003 Janis Astor del Valle Details
Speak Up! Improving the Lives of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgendered Youth 2001 John Kazlauskas Details
Squeeze Play Chiedu Egbuniwe Details
stains Pamila Matharu Details
Starring: Rosa Furr...and Other Queer Tales 2003 Williams, Lara; Durand Williams Thordis Claessen; Desiree Rogers; Diane Wasnak Details
Stigmata, The Transfigured Body 1991 Leslie Asako Gladsjø Details
Straight Sex Mouncey Ferguson III Details