Dani And Alice (2005)
Genre Drama; Short Film; Women of Color
Movie Release Date 2005
Country USA
Language English
Running Time 11 mins
Format Files
Color Color
Yolonda Ross Alice
Lisa Branch Dani
Linda Husser Nic
Guinevere Turner Olivia
Director Roberta Marie Munroe
Writer Roberta Marie Munroe
A graphic look at the end of a violent lesbian relationship between two Black women. Femme Alice is bashed by butch Dani for an imagined kiss with the bartender, but it isn't the first time she's been beaten. Dani has already spent time in prison, but doesn't think it's just her fault. Well-shot, well-acted and a great story line where both characters are portrayed with surprising sympathy. Yes I have a problem with the abuser, Dani, being given any sympathy at all, but director Roberta Marie Munroe refuses to demonize the character and keeps her real.
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My Rating 7
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Region Region 1
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