Ancestral Magic - Moondancer Drake (2009)
ISBN 978-1933720548
Genre Romance; Speculative Fiction
Subject FICTION / Lesbian; Fiction / Romance / Adult; Fiction / Romance / Paranormal
Publisher P.D. Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date 3/19/2009
Format Trade Paperback (226 x 152 mm)
Language English
Sky Hawthorn is a single mother struggling to support herself and Drake, her blind son, on a waitress’ salary and hardheaded determination. When a lawyer arrives to tell Sky that an aunt she never knew has left her a manor house, her family’s life is turned upside down and Sky is left with a big choice to make.

Meg has spent years watching Sky stumble through one doomed relationship after another with the wrong men, never daring to reveal the secret love she has for Sky. When Meg finds out about the move she is devastated, but to her surprise Sky asks her to come with them to Green Grove. Meg agrees.

Hidden away in northern Wisconsin, inaccessible to anyone without magic in their blood, Green Grove’s secrets prove to be big ones. There’s a dark underbelly to the friendly town called the Sect, and they want Sky’s home and the magical place called Sacru Teren, that her family is bound by blood to protect.

With the arrival of Roger Thompson, charming local doctor that seems determined to sweep Sky off her feet, Meg is left with little but jealousy and doubt. Will the handsome doctor steal away their chance to be happy together, or will visions of Sky’s past and the dark secret that past holds change everything?
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Cover Price $16.99
No. of Pages 188