The Women of Woden - Robbie Collins (2006)
ISBN 0963570323
Genre Speculative Fiction
Publisher Gate Way Publishers
Publication Date February 2006
Format Trade Paperback (228 x 152 mm)
Language English
Travelers from Twenty-Fourth Century Earth colonize a new planet. Unable to detect mystical life forms, the explorers mistakenly believe the planet to be uninhabited. When the settlement descends into explosive internal clashes, the colony's women escape from what has become an oppressive captivity. Fleeing for their lives, the women establish Woden as their new home. Far distant from the first site and forever isolated from Earth, they begrudgingly allow the men's community of nearby Hengist under their rule so that they may all survive. Centuries later, Woden's inhabitants know nothing of Earth. Sam and Jandra, now the women leaders of Woden, lead their community in saving Woden from enemy forces. As their community prepares for battle, they begin to learn of Woden's long-unknown past, their attraction for each other, The Realm's Mystics, and the treachery and deception that soon leads them directly into the middle of The Realm and its struggles. Enter with us through the gates to Woden. Come and be a part of an epic adventure, as the women leaders of Woden learn about the mystical realm from which they have been long isolated. Book I in the Mystic Women of The Realm Series.
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Series Mystic Women of The Realm
Cover Price $17.01
No. of Pages 484
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