Some Lesbians And Vampires And Oh Yeah A Worried Werewolf - H. M. Dunn (2010)
ISBN 9781456415709
Genre Speculative Fiction; Horror
Subject Fiction
Publisher CreateSpace
Publication Date 11/28/2010
Format Trade Paperback
Language English
Product Description
Set in the mid 1980's. This lesbian novel, a spoof on werewolves and vampires, begins with two women prisoners, one scheduled for execution in the gas chamber, who escape and encounter the supernatural. Twists and turns in the tale involve an ancient family curse, a young female werewolf who seeks a cure, and her forever young and beautiful grandmother, a vampire, who enjoys her power over women and her immortality. There's also Diane Hersh a young woman who has some unusual mental problems. As the daughter of murder victim, Senator Carol Sue Hersh, Diane knows more than she has ever told. There are plenty of problems to go around – from Lydia Vernon of KWOW radio station, with family problems she solves rather abruptly, to her avid listeners, such as 102 year old retired farmer, Thomas Tiggle.

About the Author
H.M. Dunn (also writing under Helen Dunn) has written several anthologies and novels, as well as once writing a couple of newspaper columns. She currently lives with her long time partner on a farm in the Midwest. Her favorite fiction is historical. She grew up in an environment that was almost 18th century, living on dirt roads in houses that had no running water, and remembers having an ice box rather than a refrigerator and her mother cooking on a wood burning stove, while her father farmed with mules.
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