The Maids - A Tranny Murder Mystery - Red Jordan Arobateau (2006)
ISBN 9780977721283
Genre Mystery
Publisher Red Jordan Press
Publication Date 6/1/2006
Format Spiral-bound
Language English
Red Jordan Arobateau s THE MAIDS (A Tranny Murder Mystery) is a hilarious, thought-provoking, sometimes poignant theatre piece, which moves rapidly from the power-packed opening scene to the grand finale. You will become acquainted with a big handful of characters from the dynamic African American Miss Bossy, leader of the Ladies & Gentlemen s Saturday Afternoon T-Party , who meet in the Main Room of their elite Private Club, to the lowest hired help who cook and serve in the kitchen. The deep dark secret the elite society members share they are all passable Transsexuals. Romance buds between the highbrow and low, crossing class lines the demarcation zone between kitchen and parlor. Particularly fun is the would-be love affair between one M2F and an F2M as they scour pots together in the kitchen. Into the midst of this delicious brew a body (or more!) turns up dead! More then a Whodunit, this is a funny fast moving character study, which speaks about transgender issues, class and the concept of the stealth tranny. All while being humorous, and its players so engaging that they stand out in dramatic history. Book Report provided by RED JORDAN PRESS, 2006
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Cover Price $17.00
No. of Pages 80
Copyright Year 2006