Dry Fire - Catherine Lewis (1996)
ISBN 0393038351
Genre Mystery
Publisher WW Norton
Publication Date 2/29/1996
Format Hardcover (179 x 116 mm)
The story of a lesbian police rookie struggling to be the best human being she can . Abigail "Fitz" Fitzpatrick, a North Florida cop, is a lesbian and former paramedic. "Dry Fire" chronicles her career from rookie to seasoned officer, and the conflicts she must face as a woman, a lesbian, and a cop.

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Cover Price $27.99
No. of Pages 278
From Publishers Weekly
A lesbian rookie cop is the appealing heroine of this sizzling and authentic debut police procedural by a Florida panhandle police officer. When burned-out paramedic Abigail "Fitz" Fitzpatrick is accepted for police training, she is jilted by her lover, Makayla, a pioneering policewoman who is afraid their relationship will cost her a chance for hard-earned sergeant stripes. Guilt-ridden by her imagined failures as a paramedic, Fitz must prevail against harassment inspired by her sexual orientation even as she struggles to prove herself as a cop and to find personal fulfillment and self-esteem. Fitz also battles confused sexual feelings for male fellow rookie and world-class screw-up Morelli, whose shaky marriage is overburdened by an infant daughter recovering from brain surgery. Running a gauntlet of stereotypically flawed fellow cops who seem obsessed with her undoing, Fitz survives police academy only to confront a perverted senior officer who demands a sexual favor in exchange for a successful evaluation. After Morelli's marriage falls apart when the baby dies, the grieving cop, in an alcohol-induced rage, uses excessive force during the traffic arrest of a dope dealer, forcing Fitz to choose between her integrity and a misplaced friendship. Adroitly written, tingling with the dangers of the streets and the festering atmosphere of tawdry domestic situations, this engrossing novel introduces a promising and remarkably sensitive new voice.
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From Booklist
Lewis, a police officer and former paramedic, writes a jolting, provocative first novel from an insider's perspective. Following cop Abigail Fitzgerald from her physically harrowing, mentally exhausting days in police training through the challenging demands of being a rookie cop and the stressful conditions of full-time police work, the book rings with authenticity. Lewis does a fine job of describing real-life cop dilemmas and dramas and the myriad ways cops banter, tease, and insult each other to provide support in the face of relentless pressures and near-constant danger. But it's Lewis' descriptions of Abigail's personal life and feelings that make the strongest impact on the reader. Abby is a lesbian, which makes being a cop much tougher. It means fighting off unwelcome advances from male cops who want to "cure" her, dealing with a painful estrangement from her lover caused by cop-shop politics, and confronting the always-present antigay prejudices. Despite Abby's tough, spirited exterior, there's a heartwrenching vulnerability about this woman that is most obvious when she's dealing with the raw pain of a rape victim, lending support to a fellow cop whose job is in jeopardy, or grieving over a murder victim. Moving, gritty, funny, and honest, this story establishes Lewis as a first-rate new writer with plenty of promise. Graphic love scenes may deter some readers, but this outstanding novel deserves to be in most mystery collections. Emily Melton