Enter Oblivion - C.M. Harris (2011)
ISBN 9781934081303
Genre Fiction
Subject Fiction
Publisher Casperian Books
Publication Date April 2011
Format Trade Paperback
Language English
FYI Author is Lesbian but not sure if content is
Meet Vince, a young, moody boxer from Brooklyn with an oozing bullet wound and a spot awaiting him in the Narducci crime family. When Vince returns travelers' checks he's stolen from a British tourist, he soon finds himself in 1980s London, the epicenter of New Wave culture, unsure whether he will become a rock star, a rent boy, or a laughingstock. Vince's journey brings an awkward friendship with a glamorous drag queen, a stint in a post-punk rock band, a frustrating romance with a Bowie-esque pop star, and bloody quarrels with a misfit skinhead--Vince's own cracked reflection. In this quirky yet charming story of love and family and culture clash, Vince discovers his place in a rapidly changing world.
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Cover Price $15.00
No. of Pages 252
Copyright Year 2011