Autumn Changes Part Four - Red Jordan Arobateau (2004)
ISBN 9780977721252
Genre Biography
Publisher Red Jordan Press
Publication Date 1/15/2004
Format Plastic Comb
Language English
This volume is almost at the end of The Work, which is sold in 5 separate parts or in its entirety. Typewritten in the authors original font and not spell checked. Some marvelously funny episodes, an adequate amount of sex scenes, illicit sex clubs, dominextrix, drag queens, & all kinds of case situations of other trans people, are illustrated in this information packed book. AUTUMN CHANGES is first and foremost an art book about FTM’s (and MTF’s) and all other kinfolk on the gender spectrum including those who transition back and forth from one end to the other! This is not merely fiction, it’s history. We must mention AUTUMN CHANGES quotes everybody; Red’s own classic lines from different volumes of his prose & poetry--and other authors; from Kathy Acker to President Ronald Ragen. The Bible. And Djuna Barnes. This book is so engrossing, it must read, read & read! If one part doesn’t get to you pick it up and begin somewhere else! Excerpts of this epic work have appeared in the FTMI Newsletter. Book Review provided by RED JORDAN PRESS, 2005.
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